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Welcome to our scheduling page.

Whether we are continuing our conversation or we will be meeting for the first time, we are looking forward to connecting with you.  Please follow the instructions to add an event to our calendar.

Please contact us at 678-822-3959 with any questions or,

if you require a weekend or evening appointment, please email us here

Discovery Call

If this is your first contact with us this is the best place to start. Our complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Call provides us with the opportunity to get to know one another, better understand where you need support and determine together if we are a good fit to help.

Strategy Session

Once we determine we’re a right fit after the Discovery Call, it's time to arrange for a full 60-minute complimentary strategy session.  The strategy session will lay the groundwork for the customized roadmap we'll prepare to move your business forward.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions are for clients we are working with.  The content of each session is determined by the customized road map we have built with you.

General Meeting

We understand that not every meeting fits into our previous scheduling categories.  If you'd like to meet for any other reason, please use our General Meeting tab.

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