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Creating Compelling & Clickable Blog Posts

Keeping your blog content fresh and inviting requires creativity, insight into your audience, and the ability to create fresh content day after day. Here are 17 different formulas to create incredibly compelling and clickable blog posts.

Each formula represents a different type of blog post and should get the wheels turning for some interesting and valuable content that you can share.

Formula #1: How To Guides and Tutorials

Guide your readers step-by-step through a particular process, showing them how to achieve a desired outcome.

Formula #2: News and Current Events

Write about relevant news and current events, inserting your own thoughts and commentary.

Formula #3: Controversy

Write about a controversial subject in a way that is helpful to your readers and not overly offensive.

Formula #4: Checklists

Help your readers remember everything they need to about a particular subject by creating an in-depth checklist.

Formula #5: Listicles

Create a very large list of items that are relevant to your readers.

Formula #6: Case Studies

Show your readers how you or one of your customers achieved success during a specific timeframe.

Formula #7: Profiles and Interviews

Profile or interview someone who would be of interest to your readers.

Formula #8: The Expert Roundup

Gather a large number of opinions from experts on a particular subject and compile them into a single post.

Formula #9: Reviews and Comparisons

Review a product or compare two different products and let your readers know which one is better, and why.

Formula #10: Resource Roundup

Provide links to a large number of resources that are all related to a specific subject.

Formula #11: Quote Roundup

Gather a large number of quotes that are all related to one topic and compile them into a single blog post

Formula #12: Behind The Scenes / A Day In The Life

Take your readers behind the scenes of your life and business, giving them a snapshot of what a particular day looks like.

Formula #13: Data-Backed Posts

Either do original research and write about it or write something based research done by others.

Formula #14: Inspirational Stories

Tell your readers an inspirational story that is related to your business and furthers your business objectives.

Formula #15: Frequently Asked Questions

Answer questions in your blog post that you are frequently asked either in person or via email.

Formula #16: Top Takeaways

Provide your top takeaways from a particular book, conference, podcast, movie, or other item.

Formula #17: Beginner’s Guides

Create how-to posts that guide beginners through a particular set of actions or process.

We hope that gives you a good jump start on ideas for great content to include in your blog. If you need more and find you are struggling to constantly come up with new topics and angles to blog about that will add value to your readers, check out our eBook, 'Blog Content That Builds An Audience' to help create fresh content day after day.


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